See that?
 photo 20140306-DSC_1257.jpg
 photo 20140306-DSC_1259.jpg
Yes that is a fall wreath. A fall wreath that has been in that position since…fall. There was no Thanksgiving wreath, or Christmas or Valentines…or anything besides fall.

It’s not my nature to leave holiday decorations up past their prime (although in Milwaukee we did leave our Christmas lights up for two months after Christmas because it was too stinkin’ cold and icy to get them down) and every time I opened that door I cringed seeing it.

I never removed it because I’ve had plans all along to remove the entire door. I told myself I would just remove the wreath when we installed the new door.

The door was purchased before Cannon was born and it has sat patiently in the garage ever since. Steve thought this was a project we could do in-house, and I completely agreed. I honestly thought that the install was just around the corner. Each weekend that passed, I honestly thought it would be installed. So the wreath was never changed. Changing it would be accepting that it wasn’t going to happen and that was not a thought I was willing to entertain.

In Steve’s defense – he is way too busy to carve out time for a door installation. I get it. But I still clung to hope that he would wake up one day and want nothing more than to help me put it in. Wishful thinking I suppose.

I asked him last week if he really had intentions of installing it or should I hire it out. He laughed and quickly suggested we hire it out. I had someone there the next afternoon.
 photo 20140306-DSC_1263.jpg
Goodbye fall wreath. Goodbye ornate designed oval glass. Goodbye broken brass handle. Hello fresh clean lines with functional lock!
 photo 20140312-DSC_1464.jpg
I spent this morning trimming it out (inside and out) and it’s just lovely now.
 photo 20140312-DSC_1466.jpg
I’m kicking myself that we waited so long.
 photo 20140312-DSC_1468.jpg