I mentioned in Cannon’s weekly photo that we left him with my sister-in-law as we went on an overnight camping/hiking trip (I use the word camping loosely as our friends let us stay in their motorhome with them – I could have a genuine interest in camping if it includes a decked out motor home!). We headed south of Phoenix to Picacho Peak and stayed at the KOA. It was fish fry Friday and we took over the small dining hall with our large outgoing bunch.
 photo 20140307-photo86.jpg
 photo 20140307-photo87.jpg
After stuffing ourselves with fried food we sat around the campfire joking and playing games. Campfires have to be my favorite part of camping but I can’t stand the smell that lingers with me.

We landed at the trailhead by 8 the next morning ready for our adventure. I did not realize when agreeing to this hike that we would be climbing to the very top of the mountain behind us.
 photo 20140308-DSC_1269.jpg
Steve questioned before starting if I was physically fit enough to manage the hike – seeing as though I had a baby and haven’t done real exercise in almost a year and a half. I love that he looks after me and I made a mental note to beat him to the top! Although I managed just fine and fared much better than most with us, it was not an easy hike. I may not run marathons, but I’m active (I build entertainment centers for crying out loud!) and I was surprised just how tiring it was. It’s 4 miles total and there’s a lot of vertical hiking/climbing. Not one I’d want to take kids on for sure.

It started out fairly easy and then we started to climb pretty quickly.
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There were definitely portions where I thought, “Who does this for fun?!” as we walked along the uneven terrain cursing the name of the guy who organized the outing. And then we reached the top and it was clear why people hike it. First – its a huge accomplishment and second the view was beautiful. We live in the desert but there is still a beauty and stillness when looking out over the valley. I
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Once our jello legs regained some of their stability we made our way back down the mountain, (much easier than our ascent) and dreamed of the ice cream we’d be getting at Dairy Queen once we reached the bottom. It was hard – there were some sore muscles the next day, but it was so much fun. Plans are already in the works for Hikeathon 2015.