We started off the week with great energy and looking forward to our spring break…
 photo 20140317-DSC_1543.jpg
Just a few short days later I’m ready to send them back to school. I love them all dearly but it is exhausting having four young kids around the house all day. (props to all the moms that home school – if I ever thought I could tackle that, I would be second guessing myself after this week.)

We weren’t able to go anywhere with Steve’s school schedule so I was bound and determined to make the best of our staycation. I planned for a fun activity and a craft every day, not too ambitious but something to keep them busy and happy. This was all good and great and the kids loved the things I planned – but in planning their adventures the younger two were subject to a lot of erratic schedules and it didn’t bode well for either one of them. Naps were late. Naps were missed. Snack time didn’t take place and they spent more time in the car than they’re accustomed to. I love schedules and so do my kids and today we were all feeling it. The kids were at each other, I was snippy and Cannon couldn’t seem to fall asleep to save his life. I had another fun outing planned for tomorrow but I’m calling it quits. I’m not leaving the house tomorrow and neither are my kids and I couldn’t be happier about the arrangement.