Spring break is over and we’re back to real life tomorrow. Hallie is excited to go back to school and see all her friends. Hunter is excited to see his friends and look for bugs at preschool. And Bennett is going to wake up tomorrow and wonder where his two buddies went and will end up moping around the house for a good portion of the day until he realizes he can raid their rooms and toys without being stopped.

We tried to have one activity and craft (some of which were very minor activities) every day so the kids would have something fun to look forward to. Each day they would wake up and insist on knowing what was in store for them for the day. The nice thing about kids is they have low expectations! They have no clue all the possibilities out there that they are potentially missing out on which makes them completely happy and satisfied with what is presented to them. Lessons to be learned by all of us. I asked Hallie if she had a fun spring break and she went on and on about all the fun she had and pointed out her favorites things. She’ll go to school tomorrow and hear about all the many adventures of her classmates (it seems like a lot go somewhere, and we hope to someday as well) and I hope she still thinks the things she did were fun. Because they really were fun for her in her little world void of comparison. Aren’t we all guilty of that to some regard?

Here’s a few things we did:

Fountain Hills Park – large fountain goes off every hour – ducks come flocking with any amount of food and the kids enjoyed the playground.
 photo 20140317-DSC_1514.jpg
 photo 20140317-DSC_1508.jpg
 photo 20140317-DSC_1532.jpg
 photo 20140317-DSC_1540.jpg
 photo 20140317-DSC_1530.jpg
Jumpstreet trampoline with our pogo pass. Yes we have a trampoline in the backyard but these trampolines are so much better! We snatched a few cousins to join us which made it a doable activity without the help of another adult. Bennett isn’t much of a park kid so he stayed pretty close to me despite all the fun that was going on around him.
 photo 20140319-DSC_1590.jpg
 photo 20140319-DSC_1598.jpg
 photo 20140319-DSC_1601.jpg
Riverview park – the new park next to the new cubs spring training fields. It is awesome – and fun for all ages. They have a large rope climbing section that the kids loved. I joke that everyone needs to hurry and enjoy it because it’s pretty dangerous and the minute someone gets hurt they’ll be ripping it out! We came fairly unprepared and didn’t realize there was a splash pad – we also went on game day which wasn’t our best idea. But it didn’t stop the kids from having fun.
 photo 20140320-DSC_1609.jpg
 photo 20140320-DSC_1625.jpg
 photo 20140320-DSC_1616.jpg
 photo 20140320-DSC_1630.jpg
 photo 20140320-DSC_1642.jpg
One of the favorite activities was Tuesday morning heading to Target to buy Frozen and watching it multiple times throughout the week. I can’t remember the last time a disney movie made my kids that happy. Props Disney – my kids are constantly singing your songs and quoting your movie. Having it come out over our spring break was amazing timing.

To be continued…