A little more spring break fun:

Steve spent some time with the kids Friday evening and Saturday. Both times I was at home with a sleeping child which is much better than going with a crying child!

My one stipulation to not going – Steve had to send me pictures so I could enjoy the same activity through texts!

Three kids going to the zoo is a zoo in and of itself!
 photo 20140314-IMG_1652.jpg
 photo 20140314-IMG_1676.jpg
 photo 20140314-IMG_1667.jpg
 photo 20140314-IMG_1664.jpg
 photo 20140314-IMG_1682.jpg
 photo 20140314-IMG_1655.jpg

On Saturday there was an air show. Steve has been dying to go to an air show since we’ve been married and we’ve never made it one. Saturdays are always crazy busy with his schoolwork, yard work and other random activities but he was not going to let the opportunity pass him by. Once again – I was home with sleeping kids – but he agreed to take pictures. He loves me!
 photo 20140315-IMG_1685.jpg
 photo 20140315-IMG_1687.jpg
 photo 20140315-IMG_1689.jpg
 photo 20140315-IMG_1699.jpg
 photo 20140315-IMG_1693.jpg
 photo 20140315-IMG_1705.jpg
Was it all that it was hyped up to be in his mind…yes. And then some. The kids enjoyed it but Steve said he was 10 times more excited. It might as well have been Christmas morning for him. Will he be going next year? Absolutely.