Last night I was able to go to a church satellite broadcast with my sweet girl along with every girl/woman 8 years old and older in our church worldwide. This was the first time that 8-12 year olds had been invited to attend and Hallie was so excited she made the cut!

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We sat in a sea of women, young and old. Daughters and mothers and grandmothers alike – what a powerful sight it was to see so many women gathered across so many generations for a single cause.

It was touching to see mother’s holding the hands of their daughters, holding them close and leading them to their seats. For some reason this struck a chord with me as I could see the love they shared and the special relationship they were nurturing. Several times throughout the broadcast, phrases touched my heart and I turned to make eye contact with Hallie to let her know I agreed with what was said. However, I didn’t see her eyes. Instead I saw her profile as her gaze focused on the speaker/video and for a few brief moments I saw her all grown-up. What a tender thought it was for me to envision her raising her own children, I was so grateful to have her sitting next to me so she could hear just how wonderful women are and how important our friendship and service to one another is.

I enjoyed how much focus was placed on our similarities as women as opposed to our differences. President Eyring said, “You are more alike as daughters of God than you are different” and Sister Oscarson shared, “We must stop concentrating on our differences and look for what we have in common.”

We all have so much in common. Yes, we wish our hair looked like so-and-so’s and that we had the talent of so-and-so and we compare and compete relentlessly – but we all share so much more. I hope more than anything Hallie heard that loud and clear. When we look for commonalities we love so much deeper. It’s definitely something I am striving for and hope I can help my daughter to do the same.