What kid doesn’t see a puddle of water and feel the need to take their brand new shoes and jump in it??

We don’t see rain very often in the desert, so when it comes, it’s a celebration. We had rain in the forecast over the weekend which doesn’t guarantee the ground will get wet, but Saturday the rain came with fury. Because it never rains and weather this time of year is typically beautiful – you better believe a lot of outdoor events got rained on. The Phoenix marathon (that we volunteered at last year), Lehi days (a local rodeo that the kids can’t get enough of) and the most disappointing event to get rained on: The cultural celebration for the Gilbert temple. (14,000 young men and women drenched from head to toe as they performed for the prophet of our church, so sad!).

Luckily, I had no obligations to attend to. Yes, it would’ve been nice to put another coat of paint on my shelves but it can wait for a nice sunny day. The kids wanted to go out and play in the rain which I agreed would be a fun idea. But what fun is rain if you’re not in your swimsuit. Let it be known that it was 59 degrees and they were begging for swimsuits. I gave the answer most sane mothers would give – no, it’s too cold, you’ll be miserable. But it was a soft no and they could tell there was room for negotiations. Five minutes later they were on the trampoline in their dusty swimsuits from last year doing a rain dance.
 photo 20140301-DSC_1041.jpg
 photo 20140301-DSC_1087.jpg
 photo 20140301-DSC_1046.jpg
 photo 20140301-DSC_1121.jpg
 photo 20140301-DSC_1135.jpg
 photo 20140301-DSC_1113.jpg
I thought they would last five minutes for sure. It was chilly, even for me fully clothed taking the pictures. But they stayed out there for 45 minutes (probably in spite of me more than anything!) And the rain finally started to fall. I heard the screaming from the kitchen. Hallie was laughing, jumping and doing cartwheels in the rain falling from the sky. Hunter was huddled up in a ball on the patio complaining that he was cold. I didn’t even have to say “I told you so” – he knew I was right about it being cold!
 photo 20140301-DSC_1152.jpg