I’ll kiss this frog prince any chance I get! Life with Fingerprints: 23 weeks, weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints We’re starting to get a handle on his skin issues but I have a feeling the hot dry summer won’t be good to us! When I hold him without his clothes on he breaks out horribly – something in the oils of my skin does not work well with his skin. We use special lotion that doesn’t smell. So I get him out of the tub and I just want to lather him with baby lotion and snuggle his brains out- we don’t do either! I miss that sweet baby smell!

He has a new love for the Baby Einstein videos. They kind of drive me batty but he likes them. We’ve started feeding him baby oatmeal and he’s taking it like a champ. Here’s to hoping I can catch a few more zzzz’s at night when he has a full belly!

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