The five month comb-over had to come to an end. I wish his eczema would go with it!
Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo, chalkboard print, weekly onesie
He looks older and not so baby-like. I was torn about the whole thing. It was Sunday morning before church and I was tired of the old man look so I chopped it – three inches off the top! (Bennett was almost a year and a half when he got his first haircut – and even then, he didn’t have much to cut off)

We’ve introduced peas into his diet and he doesn’t seem to mind them. He’s a big boy and has outgrown his 3-6 month clothing. He babbles and babbles, loves the sound of his voice. Still swaddled to sleep – I’m confident by the time he goes to kindergarten we’ll have him weened!

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