You know that feeling of peace you get when you look around you and realize life is good and you’re exactly where you should be. I felt that Friday night watching my kids run around with their friends at the annual block party.

I can remember every house we put an offer on when we moved to Arizona and I couldn’t be more grateful that every single one of them fell through for one reason or another – except the house that Steve refused at first because of the wall to wall mauve carpet – that’s the house that was meant for us. And our neighbors and neighborhood are just right for us. It feels good.

 photo 20140404-DSC_2390.jpg
Can you see those awful dirty feet…that’s what is in store for us for the next several months. Bring on the dirty flip flops!
 photo 20140404-DSC_2391.jpg
 photo 20140404-DSC_2399.jpg
 photo 20140404-DSC_2406.jpg
 photo 20140404-DSC_2415.jpg
 photo 20140404-DSC_2430.jpg
 photo 20140404-DSC_2435.jpg
 photo 20140404-DSC_2400.jpg
 photo 20140404-DSC_2422.jpg
I used to say I love summer nights like this – but in Arizona we love our spring/fall nights just like this!

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