My idea of weekend fun centers around power tools and large overgrown hedges which now look like trees…And I couldn’t help but sing an updated LL Cool J song…I’m gonna knock it down…mama said knock it down…
 photo 20140405-DSC_2450.jpg
At one point- these were probably nice subtle hedges. Until it grew into the monster of all hedges and started growing through the pool fence and around our pool equipment. Besides, I thought it would be nice to have a playset for the kids but I couldn’t justify using valuable yard space to do it. The bush/hedge/tree had to go.

Steve and I cut it down and the kids took the pieces to our driveway where they await their fate of the dreaded green dumpster. Half-way through Steve says, “There have been very few times I’ve been able to say this, but the kids are really pulling their weight and actually being helpful.” We find we’re saying that more and more these days which gives this tired mother hope!

 photo 20140405-DSC_2452.jpg
 photo 20140405-DSC_2453.jpg
 photo 20140405-DSC_2456.jpg

The whole thing came down in an hour and a half and our yard felt so much larger. Not to mention the goldmine of treasures the kids were able to gather once it was gone.