We were so lucky to spend last week with some of the best friends we could ask for. And although we haven’t lived near the Tyson’s since our Milwaukee days, we spent our time together as if nothing had changed. But plenty had changed. I have two more children and Leslie has 2.5 more children. Jobs have changed. Both of us have moved. Steve went back to school…but we picked up seamlessly. It was fun to watch our kids.

Hallie doesn’t remember it at all, but she spent a lot of time with Ella when she was young.
 photo 20090704-07042009085.jpg
 photo 20100313-IMG_7240.jpg
 photo 20100522-DSC_6629.jpg
And within 20 minutes of their arrival they acted as though nothing had changed. They were best friends all over again.
 photo 20140328-DSC_2053.jpg
Hunter and Jack never even communicated with each other while living there. But they too were close:
 photo 20090810-DSC_5567.jpg
 photo 20100825-DSC_1736.jpg
Hunter was immediately convinced that Jack was his cousin and he talked about him non-stop. They were inseparable. (They happened to be in matching pirate shirts the day they arrived. They were made for each other)
 photo 20140325-DSC_1895.jpg
Bennett and Annie met one time before as we passed through Utah and they had flown in the night before – so she was a new friend that he became attached too.
 photo 20120607-DSC_0183a.jpg
 photo 20140328-DSC_2065.jpg
And in no time, we’ll have pictures of Cannon next to their new addition. Poor Sam didn’t have anyone his age – but he floated amongst all the kids.
 photo 20140328-DSC_2056.jpg
We had so much fun together. I have an embarrassing amount of photos to wade through. I have a feeling years down the road, we will fill volumes with fun memories with this family. So grateful.