Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints, weekly onesie
If anyone has any great ideas on how to ween this little one from sleeping swaddled (the woombie) I’m all ears. With our other kids, as soon as they started to roll around in their bed we stopped swaddling. I tried that with Cannon and he just wouldn’t sleep. I’m figured if I waited long enough and listened to him cry long enough he would eventually fall asleep. But in today’s experience, he was good and tired and after more than an hour he still refused to sleep. He was exhausted and still wouldn’t sleep without his arms tied down. I’ve tried several days in a row which has left me with a sleepless child who more than anything wants to sleep…swaddled.

Did I mention he’s seven months??

He’s not sitting yet but he’s mastered tummy time and he’s got a giggle that is to die for. Those cheeks and those legs are the best!