Steve was giving me a hard time the other day because I left the vacuum out…again. I always leave it out and he always seems to find it in a new place. I can’t bring myself to put it away because I know the minute I do I’ll find something else that needs vacuuming. Hello?? We have young kids, I could walk behind them vacuuming and fill canisters all day long. Lately, I’ve been leaving the vacuum out right next to the new entertainment center. I seem to be creating sawdust around this thing on a daily basis. Attaching this hardware here, drill a hole for this wire there, readjusting things…it’s a long process when you have little ones around. I will think I’ve found a pocket of time so I’ll start drilling and the minute I start drilling I hear the baby waking from his nap…It’s taken far longer than it should have.
Life with Fingerprints-3405 photo LifewithFingerprints-3405.jpg
But I’m happy to report, all the hardware is installed and functioning. Including the retractable bi-fold doors. I made a trip out to Ikea to purchase all the drawer and door pulls. They’re sleek and modern and completely affordable. (Hardware has proven to be far more expensive for the project than I originally anticipated.) Seriously, check out Ikea’s hardware in the kitchen section.

I had all but four pulls installed when I had to rush off to a meeting. Steve mocked my vacuum placement once again but I ignored him. 4 hours later I found myself in a quiet house with all the kids sleeping. I finished up the last pulls while Steve watched a movie and I conveniently vacuumed up my final mess associated with the entertainment center. Now I can leave the vacuum in a different area of the house.