Life with Fingerprints: I am a mother
I am a mother.

I am a mother of four strong-willed young children and in our current position my life is anything but quiet or boring.

I am a mother which means my time is not my own – and that includes showering!

I am a mother who often loses her patience and I find myself asking my children for forgiveness for being short with them.

I am a mother who is trying to enjoy this “stage of life” but I’m often dreaming of being out of the trenches.

I am a mother who finds inspiration in all the strong women that surround me.

I am a mother who doubts her abilities as a mother on a daily basis.

I am a mother who is crying tears of joy one minute and tears of frustration the next.

I  am a mother who worries about her children.

I am a mother who is trying her hardest to fill the role I’ve been blessed with.

I am a mother who enjoys Mother’s day because it’s a gentle reminder that I’m doing okay and although my children aren’t old enough to show much appreciation I am showered with homemade gifts and coloring sheets and it means the world to me.

We had crepes this morning with fresh squeezed juice and it was absolutely delicious.

I received a booklet from Hunter’s preschool where he answered a number of questions about me and many of his responses gave me a good laugh, but this one took the cake:
Life with Fingerprints: I am a mother
Glad to know he thinks I need a brush. It’s my hope that he doesn’t think my hair is bad but he hears Hallie and my conversation every morning as we’re searching for a brush…again…

Hallie must have given me three gifts, each one better than the last. I wore a necklace to church today made from hardware washers – it’s awesome. She also wrote me a little letter.
Life with Fingerprints: I am a mother
Its amazing what small tokens like this do for a mother – makes me wish mother’s day came quarterly.

A friend called me this week in preparation for a talk she was giving today and she asked me what the hardest part of motherhood was – my response was short and quick: monotonous. I do the same thing every day. I clean the same messes, wash the same hands, fold the same laundry and break up the same fight. Motherhood is a lot of the same scenery and it gets old.

My friend also asked me the best part of motherhood: seeing my children grow and develop. I play a large role in their growth and it is gratifying to see progress. I get to see little growing experiences weekly and they are by far the highlight of my week. All 52 weeks.

I am a mother 365 days a year. It is not easy and I get very little reward but it is strangely fulfilling and I feel divine powers leading me daily.

I am a mother.