This guy gets more yummy with each passing day. He is loved and adored on every possible front. There isn’t a family gathering where he’s not passed around from cousin to aunt to cousin to grandparent. There’s advantages to being the youngest in a family with so much family – plenty of people to love on your kids!

Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints, weekly onesie

He’s got the best giggle and an awesome closed mouth grin that push his cheeks to his eyes.

He likes to roll to his stomach and flap his arms and legs as if he’s swimming. Its funny to watch because he really flaps hard and I think he believes flapping that hard moves his body, as if he’s crawling. Silly kid.

After a couple days of sleepless days and nights we went back to swaddling. He’s happier and we’re happier. We’ll try again in a month!