Our afternoon consisted of swimming, more swimming and an emergency visit to the dentist. Do you want to know what happens when your 8 year old hits her mouth on the bottom of the pool:
Life with Fingerprints-10 photo LifewithFingerprints-10.jpg
There was screaming and tears of pain from Hallie and I quickly wrangled the two boys out of the pool to head to the dentist. I’m no stranger to dental emergencies and the whole time I was praying there wouldn’t be permanent damage. Our dentist is amazing and got us in as soon as we arrived. After some x-rays, he determined there didn’t appear to be any more damage aside from the scraggly tooth and the sensitivity she had to air and liquids.
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He bonded her tooth and made it look as though nothing had happened – so grateful we were only dealing with minor cosmetic damage. Of course, there is always the chance that it dies and turns gray – but we’re hopeful.

Hallie’s major concern was that part of her tooth was in the pool and would be vacuumed up during the night! Oh well.

I’m just grateful he was able to work his magic…no more scraggly tooth!
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It will have to be readdressed later I’m sure, especially after braces, but for now we just need her to protect her mouth a little bit better because there’s a big chunk of her tooth that will chip a whole lot easier now. We discussed pool safety on the way home – although she wasn’t in the really shallow end, jumping in the pool or doing flips and rotations can always lead to an injury!

If you need a fantastic dentist, Dr. David Poelman in Chandler/Gilbert is amazing!