I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I’m sure I would have a hard time selling to most anyone that the desert of Arizona is beautiful. In fact, it’s taken my a long time to see it myself. I remember when we first moved to Arizona, we would be driving along a stretch of highway and there was nothing but some hills and cactus and Steve would lovingly comment, “Look how pretty that is, you can’t tell me that’s not beautiful.” I didn’t see it. Especially coming from Wisconsin that had trees galore and luscious plants everywhere (when they weren’t covered in snow), the desert seemed…brown.

But I’m coming around.

In Arizona, I don’t marvel at the beauty of fall leaves covering streets. I don’t marvel at large leaf hostas covering flower beds. I don’t marvel at snowcapped mountains. But I do marvel at the beauty of light in Arizona. The desert produces beautiful sunsets; washing the sky in pink, orange and red. I can’t even count how many pictures of sunsets I have on my phone and my kids are always quick to come in from playing to tell me when a good sunset is brewing.
Life with Fingerprints photo LifeWithFingerprints-4457.jpg
Life with Fingerprints photo LifeWithFingerprints-4446.jpg
There’s also beautiful mountains, although there’s never any snow on them! I love them most when the light reflects off them as the sun sets.
Life with Fingerprints photo LifeWithFingerprints-4427.jpg
The longer I live here, the more beauty I find.