He’s finally sitting! And he’s been sitting right in front of the television soaking up the world cup. And even though we’re really disappointed to have the U.S. out of it – it won’t stop us from watching it til’ the end!
Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints, weekly onesie
We’ve had a couple really rough night’s with this one. Saturday night he was up from 12:30am – 5am. Not just up, but miserable and crying – and still no teeth. It was at 4:15 that morning, in my tired and frustrated state that I took the woombie (swaddle) off and we haven’t gone back. I figured if he was going to be up all night, we might as well make some adjustments and I knew the swaddle would be a tough one. It’s been three days and I’m confident in saying we’re done with it.

After his all-nighter, the next morning he rolled right into the door frame and it left its mark with a large goose egg and two large scratches. It was just not his day!

Luckily he’s been feeling much better and he’s happy as can be and we finally got around to his second hair cut.