We recently had our nephew and his wife stay with us. Upon their departure I went to the room they were staying in and gathered the sheets. Later that night I went back to the room to put some things away. When I glanced at the dresser, I noticed something different but couldn’t put my finger on it. As I was leaving the room, I glanced back at the dresser and finally noticed what was out of place. Four books had been pulled from their place.
Life with Fingerprints: Bookshelf surprise
At first I thought that maybe I hadn’t straightened the books before they arrived. And then I saw one book that had been pulled out…one of my nephew’s favorite books, I knew that these weren’t books that needed straightened, these were books that were purposely pulled out. And then I smiled. I saw the four books that were pulled and I could see the significance of each one of them.

I’m thinking I want to make it a habit to pull out books at different houses we stay in. They might never notice, but if they do, its sure to make them smile.