Nearly a month ago, we finished up Steve’s family reunion, packed up the car and drove to McCall, Idaho for my family reunion. We rented a cabin using and we sure lucked out because it worked perfectly for our family. The only thing that didn’t go as I had hoped was the weather. Fifty degree weather was a shock to our Arizona blood and I couldn’t put on enough layers – hard to believe we had left swimsuits and flip flops just two days earlier. The rest of my family are more adjusted to cooler temps so I might be the only one throwing that complaint out there.
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McCall is beautiful. Mountains and pine trees and green as far as you can see. It’s primarily a winter community with the ski resort right there but there was more than enough to do during the summer (just no swimming in the lake that early in June!)

I know I sound like a broken record – but family is awesome. Cousins are awesome. Siblings and parents are awesome. And there never seems to be enough time together. Reunions are great but it just makes me wish we lived closer to those that are far away.

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Just like Steve’s family – my family is competitive – ready and willing to participate in just about any sport presented. We played volleyball, tennis, soccer, dunk ball and we even threw in an intense obstacle course.
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Hunter spent quite a bit of time perfecting his archery skills and we’re having a hard time convincing him that he’s not Robin Hood.
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Hunter told me he wants his very own bow and arrow – I’m just not convinced that any given arrow would actually stay in our backyard; probably not the best idea for a 5 year-old living in the city. A better idea, however, for his cousin who lives on 20 acres. We’re just going to need to visit more!

The weather was chilly – which made it perfect campfire/s’more weather. I’m not sure how many Bennett ended up eating. I do know that he finished off a couple he found lying on the bench and I let it slide. We were on vacation after all. And I’ve confirmed that I really don’t like s’mores, but I love roasting the perfect marshmallow – browned to perfection.
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To be continued…