A few points of interest…

Back when Cannon was born I had a necklace made that said, “I can do hard things”. I wear it often. Its my mantra and a theme for our family. I’ve been asked several times where one can purchase a necklace with their own theme. Steve’s sister hand stamps the pieces and she currently has a special on Living Social at a huge discount. You can customize it how you please, whether it be your husband’s name, your children’s names or something special to you, get this deal. You’ve got three months to use it which makes it ideal timing for Christmas…or my birthday!
Check out the deal here.
Life with Fingerprints: We can do hard things necklace

My nephew is in a band and they’re good. Not like play in the garage good, but like play on stage good. In fact a few months ago they topped the Billboard chart for the next big sound. Check them out on Sound Cloud.

We’re addicted to GoPro videos around here and the kids can’t get enough. I just uploaded the camera after the cousins visits and we got some great footage but I also like when the kids take the camera and go exploring in the pool.