Oh sweet child of mine – I love you to pieces and I think you are just about the cutest thing on the face of the earth. However, it has been two weeks now of you not taking naps. Two weeks! I’m not looking for three naps, not even looking for two naps. I just want you to close your eyes some time during the day and sleep. I’m flexible as to when that should happen. I will be happier and you will be happier if we can make that work! Love, mom.
Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints, weekly onesie
Obviously life is far too fun for sleeping for this guy. Too many places to explore, too many toys to put in his mouth, this house is his playground. After 10 months of sleeping in the laundry room, we finally moved Bennett out of the crib and Cannon finally got an upgrade to a bedroom. I would think his lack of naps was related to the move, but he dropped naps about a week before we transitioned. He’s started crawling all over the place and now goes from crawling to sitting. And then the naps stopped. Its as if he can’t soothe himself anymore. I walk in after a great deal of him crying and he’s just sitting in the crib. Tired as can be rubbing his eyes, but the minute I lay him down he sits right back up. It’s a mystery. I’m telling myself its a stage that he’s just on the cusp of getting over.

Its a good thing he has a million dollar smile!