Here’s my notes from my phone over the last several months that give you a little insight into Hunter. I call them Hunterisms…
Life with Fingerprints: Wake up and be awesome and other quotes from a 5 year old
He told me, “When my foot falls asleep it feels like tiny swords are trying to get out of my foot.”

Hunter told his preschool class that his favorite part about going to the zoo is watching the Rhino’s poop. Awesome.

Hunter asked us what is going to happen to him when Steve and I break-up. We assured him that all was good on the home front and I thought we had eased his mind. And he said again, “But when you do – what happens to me.” There was pure concern and wonder in his eyes. We talked it through with him and assured him we were a family forever. With a little more prodding we realized a friend at school had his parents break-up and his friend was really sad about it. Hunter just wanted to know when it would happen to him. Kids are tender.

Hunter’s teacher relayed the following: During preschool they sang “birdie nest” song and talked about the life of a bird beginning with the hatching process. The teacher explained that the yellow part of the egg was the chick and the egg white was food for the chick until he grew big enough to break out of his shell. Hunter was all ears, “You mean when we eat an egg, we are eating a baby chick?” When she told me – it started to make sense why he suddenly started refusing to eat eggs with his pancakes!

Hunter is very concerned about Cannon’s nutrition and is constantly asking about the things I eat (that get turned into milk) and what that means for Cannon. He told me, “If Cannon eats everything that you eat, that means when you eat cake, Cannon gets cake milk. Thats not fair.”

Cannon was sitting in his bumbo seat and spit up as he leaned over the side. Hunter loudly proclaims, “It looks like throw-up snow.”