I love that phones are accessible and are able to catch even the smallest of moments
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The kids love to do melty beads (Perler beads). I’m ironing those things every week!
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Before school started, I took Hallie and Hunter on individual “dates” to get their school supplies and to go out to lunch. When given the choice of lunch options Hunter quickly chose McDonalds. I continued to throw out options and I thought I had him hooked on Tia Rosas when he negotiated two bean burritos. But in the end we ended up at McDonalds, he’ll grow out of it soon enough. Hallie chose her favorite, Panda Express, she loves the fortunes we get to read to each other!
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We took the kids to a baseball game.
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How to Train Your Dragon is the movie of choice right now and Steve found Hunter in the living room riding his dragon!
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He goes from riding his dragon to dressing up!
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I love the way three year olds eat – take a bite out the middle.
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Hallie was very useful during “Meet the Teacher”. She walked Hunter around the room showing him everything he needed to know.
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Practicing handwriting…
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This love muffin is so squishy and fun – even at the paint store!
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