While my brother was in town, we took the kids scorpion hunting. I hoped that we could find one to make our guests happy, but anymore than that would make my skin crawl. Much to my dislike we found 6. It was 5 too many for my liking – and not nearly enough for our hunting enthusiast guests. (Last time they visited two years ago we found 20+) We’ve sprayed for them but this time of year we’re always bound to find a few.

Fast forward a week and Steve and I were in the kitchen just before going to bed. He turned out of the kitchen into the hallway and I followed. All the sudden he jumped and started holding his foot. I thought for sure a goat head had been tracked into the house and he stepped on it. I flipped on the dining room light just in time to see the scorpion scamper off and I went into revenge mode and the scorpion lost its life as a result. Steve will tell you it hurt but not as bad as he thought it would. Some stings are worse than others and he was fortunate to get a mild one. Steve’s claim of “living in Arizona for 25 years and never been stung” is officially over.

Of course this made me paranoid and I took the black light into every room that night to search them out and I found nothing. Which put my mind at ease.

Two days later I was heading to bed (barefoot), all the lights turned off in the house and I had my hand on the door to our bedroom to walk in. As clear as day, I had the impression to walk back to my office and grab the black light. I stood for a second frozen between thoughts. I quickly turned back to the office and found the light on the desk and walked back to my room with an illuminated black light path. I walked through my room shining it in all directions and there was nothing and immediately I thought it silly to have grabbed the light.

I walked into the bathroom and right in my path was another scorpion. A scorpion I would never have seen because it blended with the carpet except for the backlight. My heart raced as I grabbed a shoe and started to smoosh the daylights out of it. I’m hoping that killing two in our house within one week will send a message to the others that we don’t mess around, we have no mercy. I’m pretty sure they’ll be scared to even come close to our house. Having said that, I will have shoes on for the rest of the warm season (scorpion season) and it will be sprayed again this week.

Us-348    Scorpions-1
As far as scores are concerned we’re winning by a landslide but that one point is enough to make me uncomfortable!