We have a book called 5 Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy.
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As you can tell by the condition of the book it’s been used and abused and the cover is holding on by part of a staple.

The book is about a mom elephant who just wants 5 minutes peace. So she gathers the newspaper and some food and makes the trek to the bathroom to enjoy a bath by herself. Before long each child has entered the bathroom to tell/show their mom one thing or another. And before long each child is in the bathtub with her. She quietly sneaks out and heads back downstairs to the kitchen to enjoy 5 minutes peace. She makes it 3 minutes and 45 seconds before the kids are out of the tub and back downstairs to join her. Every mother can relate to this, right? I feel like I go throughout every day searching for just 5 minutes and unless it’s nap time, I rarely find it!

The kids bring this book to me to read and every time I say the same line, “I love this book because it’s the story of my life.” They look at me confused. I’m sure they’re thinking to themselves, this book is about elephants, how is this my mom’s life?