I will go days without ever leaving the house. It’s the way I like it. And often times I forget that life is bustling around outside the walls of my own home.

Once the kids walk in the door from school I start to manage chaos. Helping with homework. Listening to readers. Helping at the piano. Breaking up fights. Fixing dinner. I count down the minutes until Steve walks through the door to share in the chaos with us. Sometimes at this point in the day, I just need to leave. We need an adventure and a change of scenery. I was having such an afternoon when I got a text from my sister-in-law, “Look outside there’s a double rainbow.”
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I gathered the kids and we walked outside (yes this qualifies me as leaving the home!) and we saw the most beautiful rainbows. It doesn’t rain often enough to get rainbows so they are extra special when they come. Bennett had never seen one so he was more confused than anything and wondered where the “colors” came from. I sat and enjoyed them until they slowly faded into the sky. The kids had long since lost interest and had moved on to collecting snails and worms. They were happy and dirty.

It was just the change of scenery we needed that afternoon.
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