Hallie came home from school telling me she needed to where red, white and blue tomorrow at school. I was fully aware of the significance of the patriotic colors tomorrow but it was lost on her. I told her it was a special day and it deserved wearing of patriotic colors, I then went on to explain why it is such a special day. She’s old enough to know what happened and so I told her in detail what happened. After I was through she said in complete seriousness. “So we have a holiday to celebrate that someone was starting a war with us? That doesn’t make sense.” I clarified it wasn’t a holiday by any means – but it is a day of remembrance.

We watched a couple basic videos on youtube from that day, so the kids would have a better understanding of the magnitude of the events. It brought back many feelings from my first week in college when I saw it plastered across the news – Steve has no memories of the event since he was out of the country serving as a missionary. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Hallie couldn’t comprehend that it happened just a few years before she was born. “I thought it happened in the 1700’s. We don’t have wars now.” Oh how innocent. It won’t be long before she’s hyper aware of everything around her; I like that she feels safe in her world right now.

Bennett’s preschool has been focusing on our country all week long in remembrance. I’ve loved having him come home talking about the things he’s learned, and things he’s mixed up! He came home as the Statue of Liberty – cutest statue I know!
Life with Fingerprints-9543 photo LifewithFingerprints-9543.jpg
Life with Fingerprints-9551 photo LifewithFingerprints-9551.jpg

I’m looking forward to the scouts putting a flag in my yard bright and early tomorrow morning and my kids rushing out to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Grateful for this country.