I wish I could report a fun-filled weekend with exciting excursions and home projects. But that would be lying. Instead, I will say, we survived the weekend – Saturday in particular. There were no major incidents, just a lot of the same: messes, children fighting, tired kids, more messes. Did I mention there was fighting? Usually our kids play pretty well together, but this was not the case. Not a Saturday I ever hope to repeat. Steve and I took turns “Checking out” as we locked ourselves in the bedroom for a few minutes of peace. I’m actually not sure you can call it peace when one of the kids cries and screams outside the door the entire time.

I’m convinced life with young children is the most unexpected roller coaster ride ever. We ride up, we fall down. We repeat over and over again. We take the good with the bad and hopefully teach and learn in the process. I’m ready to start a new week. It’s time to reset and recharge.