We made it. 52 weeks. Every Tuesday. Making sure I had clean white onesies. Setting up studio lights. Coming up with chalk drawings…we made it.
Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints, weekly onesie
He’s just as smiley as ever and his four tooth grin makes my day. He’s crawling all around the house. He’s working on the stairs and can go successfully up and down them. Although we still use the coffee table to block the stairs until he’s mastered them. He drinks milk from his sippy cup all on his own and eats most anything put in front of him.

He pulls himself up on the couch and walks along it but he still has some jello legs and he still won’t walk holding my hands. He likes to dance, bends the knees, bobs the head. Baby Einstein movies are still my go to when it’s the witching hour and I’ve got to get dinner made.

He has a high pitch squeal which is enough to curl your toes. He likes to use his voice loudly during church which lands me in the hallway a good portion of the time.

He’s fun and growing so quickly. We sure do love this guy!