Do you want to know how to make a nine-year-old’s birthday dreams come true?

Have her grandma visiting.

Have her dad home from work – who also cooks her pancakes for breakfast.

The announcements give her a shout out for her birthday and give her a birthday pencil.

Go out to lunch at Panda Express (her choice).
Life with Fingerprints-2685 photo LifewithFingerprints-2685.jpg

Take popcorn balls in for the class treat.

Choose the dinner menu.

Life with Fingerprints-1502 photo LifewithFingerprints-1502.jpg

Open presents and be over the moon excited that she got exactly what she asked for…Roller Blades. Yes, we bought her roller blades. Yes, I asked her a million times to make sure she knew what roller blades were. No, I had no idea people still used those things.
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Life with Fingerprints-1533 photo LifewithFingerprints-1533.jpg
The trick will be keeping Hunter off of those things! Hallie went to school this morning and wanted me to hide them so while she was at tennis after school no one (i.e. little brothers) could be using them!