It’s funny how as my kids grow older, I hold on to a young image of them that is burned into my memory. Although Hallie is now nine years old, she’s still three years old in my head. Curly hair, high cartoon voice and as OCD as a kid can be! She was funny and full of life and she loved to sing.
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Girl
Not much has changed.
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Girl
Here’s a couple things we love about this birthday girl…

She loves her brothers – although she begs for a sister.

She takes care of Cannon as if he’s her own. She talks to him in high pitch squeals and baby talk and she always knows how to get him to stop crying.

She is tender through and through. She hates to see people hurt.

She is my sidekick project girl. She is always asking how she can help or what she can work on. She’s becoming quite useful to me as far as projects are concerned.

She’s adventurous – she loves roller coasters and anything else that would be potentially scary.

She talks. She talks about her day, her friends, her schoolwork…an open book.

She adores her father and wants him to be a part of everything we’re doing during the day.

She is lovely and I’m so glad she’s mine. I tell you what…we had a rough start with this kid, but she’s made up for all the crying ten times over. Happy birthday sweet girl.