We sat down this evening after dinner and pulled out an old photo book…2007 to be precise. We were living in Milwaukee and we had just one child. Our completely outdated home we had just purchased was in the throws of some serious renovation projects. Did I mention we only had one child and there were a lot of pictures of her. First kid always has the advantage in pictures.

I could’ve sat there all night looking through albums. It’s always fun to remember when. I came across this photo of us dating…circa 2003. Man we were young.
Life with Fingerprints- photo LifewithFingerprints--14.jpg
Sometimes in all the hoopla of raising kids, I’m just living day-to-day. I forget that there is an entire future before us and that we’ve taken a lot of steps to get where we are. Our lives are made up of small moments. Most of the moments are so small we rarely remember them. Some are not so small. When I look at this photo I remember the small moment very clearly. That’s what I love about photos. It jogs that small place in your brain that houses the memory and makes it come to life all over again.