This month has sailed by me. I feel like we just celebrated Halloween and now the craziness of the holidays are here. Each day I’ve personally acknowledged something I’m grateful for. Sometimes the gratitude is as simple as kids that quietly played together. Other reflections are much more significant.

But today I’m grateful for Steve. I won’t gush, although I could. Those that know him, love him. He’s very likable and he’s good at making people feel comfortable. His sense of humor puts people at ease and beneath that humor are layers upon layers of goodness…to the bone. He truly listens to the things I tell him and he is always looking to improve. I know its simple, but he ran to the store for me last night so I could get some work done and it was so helpful. He doesn’t have a lot of free time so I know the sacrifice it was, but he could see I needed him. That’s the man he is and I couldn’t be more grateful.