When Steve and I were dating and in the early years of marriage we talked about traveling. We wanted to see the world while we were young. We had grand plans; third world countries, Europe, cruises…and then the reality of our newly started life hit. We were in school, we were poor. We then started having kids and suddenly traveling seemed like a distant dream.

Six years after we were married we managed to leave two kids behind and travel to Peru where Steve served his mission. It was my first experience outside of the North American continent and it was amazing and eye opening all the same. I knew that traveling and I were going to get along just fine. But leaving our two kids was really hard and then we had more kids making it even harder.

It became apparent that my dream of seeing the world while I was young had morphed to taking an occasional trip and recognizing when it was my time. Which is not now. Not in this stage. And as much I as I truly believed Steve and I would travel together to discover the world, work and school have given him far more opportunities. I won’t lie – the first time he traveled to Asia I wanted to hop in his suitcase. When he sent pictures from the Great Wall there might have been a little bit of jealousy. I mean, not a whole lot compares to taking care of four young kids by myself, cleaning up their messes constantly, but the Great Wall might have ranked high on the list!

I keep reminding myself, I’ll have my turn. I will make sure of that. I just hope that Steve’s not tired of traveling by then!

In the meantime…Steve’s filling his passport. Last month, he traveled to Mexico City and Chile for school, fortunately he had his good friend, classmate and neighbor to join him.

In Mexico City they ate street tacos, saw pyramids, ate street tacos, threw up street tacos, had stomach issues and continued to eat street tacos because they were so good despite the natural consequences that came with them! Boys will be boys.
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