I have never attended the state fair. Not the Arizona, Wisconsin or Idaho state fair. My mom was visiting for a long weekend while Steve was out of town so I figured this was as good of time as any to try it out. I had very low expectations as did the kids which made it very easy to walk away entertained.
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We went early enough in the morning that the crazy people watching was minimal which I was okay with it since I had four kids in tow. Both Hallie and Hunter were chosen for the duck races. Naturally I had to take the pictures which left my mom to be the helper. She’s a good sport!
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We walked through the photography exhibit which led us to the dinosaurs. In Bennett’s mind they might as well be the real deal he was that excited. Every time the dinosaur moved he flinched and stepped back.
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We happened upon a reptile show which the kids gladly sat down and listened to. They were all smiles until the announcer started pulling out snakes. Hunter and Bennett both jumped back a good two feet. Once they realized the snakes were going to come slithering towards them they were okay and petting the 200lb snake didn’t seem to phase them
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We saw cows, goats, chickens, turkeys, kangaroos and so much more.
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The great thing about the state fair is there is something for everyone. We could’ve walked around for at least 3 more hours, but the heat in addition to hungry tired kids meant it was time to wrap it up as soon as we rode a couple rides. Through a reading program, each of the kids earned a couple rides which saved us a mint! I saw the ticket prices and how many tickets some of the rinky dink rides required and I had to laugh. Who can pay $4 for a kid to ride a little motorcycle for 60 seconds. Crazy I tell ya!
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Not bad for our first state fair experience. On a scale of 1(being sick in bed) to 10 (Disneyland) Hallie gave it a solid seven. We’ll have to go back!