I gave a lesson today at church on the birth of our Savior. “There is no story quite as beautiful, or which can stir the soul of the humble quite to the depths, as this glorious story can of the birth of our Redeemer. No words that man may utter can embellish or improve or add to the eloquence of its humble simplicity. It never grows old no matter how often told, and the telling of it is by far too infrequent in the homes of men.”
Life with Fingerprints: Children's Nativity, Nativity clothing
I truly believe children embrace the holiday spirit far more than adults do, so for my lesson I chose to have children tell the story. I did a photoshoot a few weeks back with some kids from the ward, using the costumes my mom made a couple years back. I then used the photos to create a video telling of His birth and Hallie read the story. Children are the heart of Christmas.

If the embedded video doesn’t work, you can watch it here.