Christmas was fun. Peaceful. Laid back.
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The kids woke up just after seven and explored their stockings for a bit. Steve’s parents joined us while the kids opened their presents. There were fist pumps. Bright-eyed and open mouth faces. Squeals of excitement. I don’t want to sound over-confident, but in my opinion, we nailed it! In all reality its hard to mess-up when you’re kids are 9 years old and younger.

Its funny because as I was scrolling through instagram on Christmas eve seeing all the beautiful Christmas eve tree displays of friends, I suddenly got worried. Are my kids going to like their gifts? Should we have done more? Are they going to be happy? There was nothing to worry about. They’re kids and their expectations are beyond low so they were happy with everything. I’m hoping we can get many more years of low expectations!
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Hallie didn’t ask for anything and she’s at a tough age where she’s beyond most toys and yet she’s not old enough to be into clothing. She said, “Surprise me.” I followed up with, “Are you good with clothes?” She quickly responded, “Don’t get me clothes.” A karaoke machine was her surprise. She’s been loving it. Especially with her new T. Swift cd.
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Hunter asked for two things: A skateboard and legos. Check and check.
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Bennett asked for a ghost. That’s right…a ghost. Not sure where he came up with that and yet every single time he was asked about what he wanted he proudly repeated: Ghost. I tried having him describe it to me and all I got was that it’s blue (his favorite color) and it doesn’t scare people. Oddly enough I couldn’t find anything to meet his request. Luckily, he was just as stoked about his new helmet!
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Cannon – happy as can be climbing over everyone else’s presents!
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He did open one present and gave the best response.
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Steve went to my favorite store and made me a very happy wife! I know it may appear that I’m posing in front of someone else’s pile, but it’s mine. All mine. He loves me!
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Steve – our non-materialistic husband/father doesn’t have a whole lot of wants and wishes so we usually have to get creative. Here he is with one of his gifts.
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After opening presents, Cannon went down for a nap and the kids continued to play.
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The aftermath wasn’t too bad:
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We made our traditional monkey bread and didn’t even bother to use plates!
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By late afternoon we made our way to Steve’s parents house to eat dinner and spend time with extended family. The day didn’t feel rushed. The kids played and I got to spend plenty of time sitting on the couch skyping with my family who lives away. The day was successful on all accounts.