Catching up on Christmas programs that seemed to clog the schedule the week before Christmas.

Bennett had his first preschool program. He had practiced those songs for a while and although he didn’t know all the words, he was ready. He was animated and did all the actions just as he was taught. The costume changes were the best. The elf hat…too funny.
20141217-DSC_4225 photo 20141217-DSC_4225.jpg
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And of course he would ask Santa for a ghost!
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Hunter had his first Kindergarten program and I thank those blessed teachers who work with these rambunctious kids and who are wise enough to keep the program to 15 minutes and include cookies for dessert!
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We gave all the kids teacher’s the same gift this year, made life easy.
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I got to be in Hunter’s classroom to help make gingerbread houses. I love that this has become a school activity and not a home activity! They also had all the houses pre-built when we got there. They had a group of parents come the day before to build them. They used hot glue and piped on the frosting. Not a bad way to go!
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Each kid was asked to have an adult there to help them – many of which were dads. It just so happen that the two kids that didn’t have adults show up were both at Hunter’s table. I could see they were sad and it was breaking my heart. So I offered my gingerbread decorating services to one of the little boys. He kindly rejected my help and said, “That’s okay, I’d rather have a dad help me, they build better than moms.” I wanted to shake my finger at him and say, “Oh no you didn’t.” But instead I said, “Oh boy, you don’t know how wrong you are. Right, Hunter?” Hunter gave me the thumbs up in agreement!