The excitement is thick in our house and we have a toddler running around shouting just how many days are left until Christmas.
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Amazon has delivered the final package. Everything is wrapped. I just finished up my last homemade gift. Christmas cards have been sent out. Santa has been visited. Gingerbread houses have been made. Neighbor treats have been delivered. Christmas books have been read. Programs have been attended. Songs have been practiced. Ornaments have been broken. Food has been prepped. I wish I could say the house has been cleaned, but perhaps we’ll get to that tomorrow! I think we’re ready and it feels good.

I actually really enjoy the few days before Christmas. I love the build-up. The excitement. The anticipation. I could stay in this stage for a week and be happy. But the show must go on and my kids would moan and whine if I extended it any longer!

I am so grateful for this season, what a special gift it is. I love the spirit of this season and the transformation in most everyone as we strive to be more generous and mindful of others. I am grateful for the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s a story that I never tire of hearing and the older I get the more appreciation I have for this blessed event. He is the gift, which is so much more than a month long celebration. It’s a life-long celebration as we come to understand and embrace the gift. This video speaks volumes to me. Merry Christmas.