Newborns are a great age to go see Santa. Here is Cannon last year:
 photo 20131218-DSC_8428.jpg
And then a year goes by and suddenly fears of strangers and strange men dressed up in red suits start to set in and they go from angelic to…
 photo 20141206-DSC_3855.jpg
And thinking that the first screaming visit was a fluke – we made another visit to Santa. Different Santa, same reaction.
 photo 20141217-DSC_4239.jpg
And when I start to think of the past with my rose colored glasses remembering all my children lovingly sitting on Santa’s lap telling him their wish list. I’m reminded that there is an age where kids are just scared of Santa. Cannon is at that age and Bennett was at that age at one point as well!
 photo 20121219-DSC_6858.jpg