Christmas break went a little different than planned thanks to our unexpected guest: The flu. Luckily we were healthy pre-christmas so we could do some fun things and then after Christmas it went down hill which meant a lot of downtime for the kids to relax and play with their Christmas presents.

Bennett and his cousin watching the train go round and round.
20141219-IMG_2804 photo 20141219-IMG_2804.jpg
We lucked out when we showed up to the Science museum and there was nobody there and it happened to be snow week. It was Bennett’s first time seeing snow. It was Hunter’s first time remembering snow and Hallie pretended like she remembered what the white stuff was and then took her flip flops off and walked in the snow and complained that her feet were hurting. Arizona problems…
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My sister came to visit on her way to moving to North Carolina. Little did she know she would be taking care of us; grabbing groceries, cleaning, picking up prescriptions. Luckily I felt good the first two days she was here which was New Years eve and New Years Day when we went out to breakfast for my birthday.
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Our little guys are just 6 months apart.
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Hunter nearly locked himself in his room after Christmas and went to town building his lego sets.
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Orange season is here and we are enjoying them. Luckily the kids enjoy them outside where the sticky mess stays.
20141226-DSC_4826 photo 20141226-DSC_4826.jpg
Hallie read 6 books over the break. This was her favorite spot.
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By the end we were all worn out. I came into the room one morning and found this.
20150108-DSC_4966 photo 20150108-DSC_4966.jpg
This never happens. Ever. Our break was just that good.