I can’t remember a time when someone in the house was sick and didn’t pass it on to somebody else. Steve was sick last week. It didn’t end with him. I was in the middle of taking Christmas stuff down when it hit me hard. It was weird how fast it came on. One minute I was packing the nativity, the next I was lying on the couch. I didn’t get off that couch for days. Steve was still under the weather, I was completely out and my sister was visiting. Awesome.

Knowing what Steve went through I was quick to get flu medicine. Fortunately for me, the flu medicine worked and Steve and I both started to reclaim life this morning. Still not 100%. Not even a solid 80%. But we’re getting there.

And wouldn’t you know it, the Christmas decorations I was packing last week…they are in the same exact position as when I abandoned them for the couch.
Life with Fingerprints: Christmas is still lingering
I wish I could say I put them away today. But I wasn’t up for it today either. Maybe tomorrow. I still have to tackle the tree. We’re enjoying a festive January!