Hunter has been working on a wiggly tooth for a while. He was ready for the right of passage of being a a part of the “toothless smile club”. He came home from school the other day and smiled his smile.
20150122-DSC_5333 photo 20150122-DSC_5333.jpg
I didn’t notice anything different and then he held up the tooth shaped necklace he proudly wore around his neck (thank you to elementary schools for making losing a tooth a big deal and something to look forward to.)
20150122-DSC_5335 photo 20150122-DSC_5335.jpg

He grabbed the tooth fairy pillow and excitedly put it under his pillow. And wouldn’t you know that silly tooth fairy was busy that night and didn’t make it to his room until after breakfast when Hunter declared his disappointment in finding his tooth still under his pillow. It must be our time zone because the tooth fairy often visits our house after breakfast. Hallie and Hunter were up in his room after that playing with the pillow when he pretended to pull money out of it only to see that there really was money it it. He was screaming with excitement.

His other tooth is well on its way, and he’s bound and determined to create a new wiggly tooth to work on.

More than anything these pictures make me realize a haircut is in his near future!