Do you remember what it’s like to live life without a care in the world?

I don’t.

I think that’s part of the reason why we have kids. We get glimpses of that care-free world as we watch them play and view their daily interactions. I don’t take advantage of those moments often enough.
Life with Fingerprints: Motherhood musings
I do enjoy sneaking a glimpse of this kid’s world! He is in that stage that amuses me and yet drains me; so much energy, so little attention and says the darndest things. He likes his sandwiches cut with a cookie cutter but he is always up for negotiations and mac and cheese won out this particular day. He hasn’t taken this helmet off since he got it for Christmas. I don’t really mind it because he is our most accident prone child and a little extra protection doesn’t hurt. Besides, lunch is often dangerous; safety first with this guy!

To add to my amusement he has a hard time with “s” at the beginning of words so Spiderman turns into “pidamin” which is often confused with vitamin!