Finding a babysitter on Valentine’s day is like finding a front row parking spot on black friday: they don’t exist. I’m sure most parents with young children can relate! So we’ve become accustomed to celebrating early.

We often get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant – exchange gifts and pleasantries. But this year, we dressed down and went hiking. Neither of us had hiked this particular location and we showed up slightly unprepared.

We had our two little water bottles, and we set off. A 1/4 mile into the hike we saw a map and information for the hike. We learned: We would be climbing over a thousand feet and we should drink three times the amount of water we brought. Definitely not prepared. But we had the babysitter and a front row parking spot at the trailhead which is amazing luck. We ventured forward. Half way through we debated being done. Not because it was too hard but because we did not schedule enough time but we were determined to see the amazing view we’d heard about. The first little while was trail walking. Which led to some rocks and even larger boulders and before long that’s all we were doing was climbing from one boulder to the next as we scaled the mountain.
 photo ShedBuilding-2936.jpg
 photo ShedBuilding-2938.jpg
At this point, the thought that came to my mind was, “All those people that claim to run Camelback every week are liars. This is not a running trail. You don’t run Camelback you climb it.” Next time someone is bragging about their Camelback running trail, I’m going to call them on it!
 photo ShedBuilding-2930.jpg
 photo ShedBuilding-2933.jpg
 photo ShedBuilding-2922.jpg
We pushed forward and when we made it to the top it was beautiful. And crowded. It’s not a very big area to accommodate so many hikers. But we still enjoyed our minute before we made our way back down which was ten times easier!
 photo ShedBuilding-2925.jpg
We’ll come back. Perhaps with two water bottles this time.