I’m not sure why our school chooses Kindergarten as the year to present science experiments, but they do. (See Hallie’s experiment) I would much rather have it when they’re a little older but it is what it is. Because these projects are for six year olds they are extremely simple and take very little effort (which is maybe why they do it this way, keeps the parents sane!)

More or less, they want the kids to make a prediction and see how close they were to the results.

Hunter soaked Easter peeps in five different liquids that I poured for him: Water, apple juice, Diet Coke, bleach and vinegar, for five days.

Life with Fingerprings: Easy Kids Science Experiment

He predicted that the water would turn the peep white. The apple juice would turn it yellow. The diet coke would turn it white. The bleach would do nothing and the vinegar would make it blow up (he’s seen far too many baking soda volcanoes!)

We had it sitting on the counter with a pan over the top and every day, he would lift up the pan and see the progress. There was very little progress for the first several days, except the bleach immediately turned the peep white and the liquid stayed clear. By day four, fruit flies were starting to swarm, especially in the vinegar and apple juice. So we put plastic over the top and held it with a rubber band. The next morning we woke up to an unexpected bloated apple juice peep.
Life with Fingerprings: Easy Kids Science Experiment
Something happened when we covered it to make it expand. Hunter thought that was pretty cool.

The bleach ate away at the peep the most and vinegar was next in line.
Life with Fingerprings: Easy Kids Science Experiment

I thought for sure the diet coke would have more of an effect, but it just turned the underbelly of the peep brown but it kept it’s shape.

Water left the peep the most unchanged which just goes to show water is the best for you!