Hallie came home from school pretty disappointed the other day and announced that she didn’t need a Valentine’s box because they would be making one as a class.

Hunter came home with a note that he needed a box which instantly resulted in a “No fair, when I was in kindergarten they didn’t let us come up with our own.”

She sulked for a few minutes and then eagerly jumped on the chance to help Hunter with his box.

We browsed Pinterest and every few seconds he chimed in with, “Wait, scroll up, scroll up. I like that one.” Two minutes later I would get the same reaction, different valentine’s box. He liked the dragon, the football field, the ninja turtle, the minion and I can’t forget the toilet. Seriously – boys! I finally threw out the idea of making a box out of legos. He suddenly made up his mind and he ran upstairs with Hallie and they started sorting all the legos to find all the right pieces. He even came up with the idea for his initials on top.
DIY Lego Valentine Box-2-2 DIY Lego Valentine Box-2-2

That boy and his Legos. I’m sure his teacher will be so surprised. Lego birthday. Lego Halloween Costume. Lego disguised turkey. Lego Christmas Card. 100 Legos for the 100th day of school celebration. Lego Valentine’s Day box. Awesome.

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