Steve and I have a very playful and joking relationship. It’s one of the things I love most about him – we laugh together often. We both think we’re funnier than the other and we make sure to take opportunities where we can.

The other night I returned from a friend’s and the house was dark. Which is not uncommon. I parked in the garage, walked in the door and immediately turned off the garage light which then left me in a completely dark house. I suddenly saw a shadow right in front of me which I knew was Steve. He likes to pop out of unexpected places, especially in the dark. So I started laughing, knowing he was trying to scare me. I didn’t hear any breathing. I found the hall light and screamed when I turned on the light and saw Santa. Life-size santa just chill in’ in the hallway. I immediately head to the bedroom to wake Steve up and I walk in to him just laughing. He heard me scream and thought that was so funny. (Reminds me of a certain scorpion incident).
Life with Fingerprints

I’ve got to come up with something good.